There is an old phrase that says you can't be too rich or too good looking but a recent survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that 95% of those surveyed said that you can't be too good looking when it comes to your teeth and smile. More importantly the survey found that 65% of the respondents were unhappy with their smile. Modern dentist can fix that. In some cases there are some very simple fixes that will improve your smile and make you feel better about yourself.

Teeth Bleaching. This is by far the easiest, least expensive and most popular ways to improve your smile. It is very safe and effective. Easy impressions are take of each arch and custom fitting trays are made. A special organic bleach gel is place in the tray and the appliance is placed over the teeth, isolating and holding the gel against the teeth for several hours per day. We are well know for our care in this area.

Teeth Reshaping. Front teeth that are irregular or have rough edges can be easily and quickly re-shaped. It can be amazing how a small adjustment can change the overall appearance. Normally done without any numbing, a tooth that is a little longer than the others can easily be made to line up straight.

Gum grafting. "Long in the tooth" is an expression that is often associated with getting older but receding gums can be easily corrected to give you a more youthful smile. Small pieces of soft tissue are removed from the top of the mouth and grafted into place to restore natural appearance and health. We work with one of the best periodontists in the area and together we can make this easy.

All Porcelain Crowns and Veneers. Modern technology can replace broken or misshaped tooth structure to create a more pleasing smile. Some patients actually find that they smile more and are happier when they can smile without feeling self-conscious about their smile. The finish porcelain crown or veneer is bonded to the tooth to make an ideal appearing tooth.

Tooth Replacement. Traditionally bridges or partial denture have been used to replace a missing tooth but modern dental implants are a much better option. They are much more natural looking and never need to be removed for cleaning.

Invisalign. Clear aligner treatment can now easily straighten teeth with little discomfort for people of all ages. Minor tooth movements as well as comprehensive orthodontics can give you something to smile about. Dr. Howell at Larson Family Dentistry is a certified Invisalign provider.

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