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Bruce E. Howell, DDS

Longmont Family Dentist

2051 Terry Street, Suite F
Longmont, CO 80501

How We Are DifferentOur goal is to be the kindest, most compassionate providers in the delivery and pricing of our dental services. We provide our patients with an enlightened dental experience. Our well-trained doctor and staff provide our patients with highest quality dental care. We have integrated a number of wonderful options to optimize the dental experience. We will offer you water to keep you hydrated. Our patients will be pampered with neck and back pillow support during the appointment, and other special care. Our patient's comfort and health is one of our primary concerns. We also provide all of our patients will complementary lip balms and mints.

Our managers are available to assist you throughout your dental experience and are available to answer any questions regarding insurance, billing, procedural coding, treatment plans, dental expenses, etc. Our staff has been properly trained to handle any patient questions or concerns. We understand that the dental office can be a potentially stressful environment for our patients and we want to make your dental experiences the best possible. We encourage any suggestions that would help create a better experience for our patients.

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Digital Imaging & Intraoral Cameras

We utilize digital radiographs and intraoral cameras. Unlike film, these digital images may be enhanced to bring out all of the diagnostic detail. They can be magnified, inverted (white and black instead of black and white), edge enhanced, and contrast enhanced. Window leveling can bring out specific areas of density.

Digital images are unsurpassed for patient education. Many of the same tools that you use for diagnosis can be used to help the patient understand the treatment plan. Also, you can use colorization - showing each density in a different color rather than as a shade of gray - to make the x-rays easier for the patient to understand. Another benefit of digital x-rays is that these types of radiographs use up to 80% less radiation then conventional x-ray filmless radiation and is available in a shorter period of time. The intraoral cameras provide patients with clear and distinctive pictures that allow them to see what the dentist is seeing.

Insurance & Benefits

As a courtesy, we will submit insurance claims on your behalf and receive the corresponding payments. You will be responsible for any co-payments at the time that services are rendered, per your contract with the insurance company. When your insurance company pays us directly, any difference or remaining balance will be your responsibility. Please feel free to call to speak to our insurance team members to help clarify your individual situations. It is such a pleasure having you as a part of our dental family! We will never take for granted the fact that you have chosen us to care for your dental needs. We have made every effort to make your dental visits with us as comfortable as possible, and taking a tremendous amount of pride in providing the finest quality dental care available.

We are pleased that many of you have a dental insurance policy that will help supplement the cost of your needed dental treatment. We will do everything we can to help maximize your benefits. Our friendly staff has been trained to understand the majority of all insurance plans available to our patients. Unfortunately, the insurance companies change their policies frequently and it becomes very cumbersome for our practices to completely understand every facet of all our contracted insurance companies. We ask that you be knowledgeable in understanding your insurance policy with regard to limitations, exclusions, and coverage. Our staff will be available to answer and address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your insurance policy. Our goal is to provide the very highest quality dental treatment available at an exceptional value. Unfortunately, insurance companies make money by paying only the very cheapest alternative, disregarding what is in the patient's best interest! We honor to provide you with the best dental options available and will not allow insurance companies to dictate what our doctors should be recommending to our patients. Very frequently, they will disregard what we diagnose, utilizing x-rays and a thorough clinical exam, just to decrease the benefit for use and increase the profit for them. Usually, this results in numerous phone calls and letters by our insurance advocate just to try to get them to re-evaluate our recommendation and pay for what is needed.

Remember, we are here for you and will be your insurance advocate to get the best possible coverage for you and your family. We thank you for your cooperation and continued support!

Fees & Payments

We are very conscious of the investment in your oral health. We provide and believe the best dental care you will find in the area is here at Dental Health practices. We request that our patients pay for their treatment at the time services are rendered. All recommended treatment can be reviewed and pretreatment estimates can be submitted to your insurance provider upon request.

A written treatment plan will be provided and options will be discussed with you. We live by the golden rule of "treat others as you would like to be treated," so the optimal treatment will be prescribed.

We have financial options available to make the treatment work for you. Please ask our friendly staff how you can help you today!!!

We accept VISA & MasterCard.

We believe there is no better investment than in your oral health.

Bruce E. Howell, DDS

Longmont Area Family Dentist
2051 Terry Street, Suite F
Longmont, CO 80501

Our Hours

Monday: Dr. Larson every other Monday
Tuesday: Dreama only 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Wednesday: Dr. Howell 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Thursday: Dr. Howell 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Friday: Dr. Larson every other Friday

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Convenient Location

Easy Access & Parking

We are on the North side of Longmont, just West of Main Street off 21st Street close to Perkins Restaurant & Bakery. There is unlimited free parking at the red brick building we call home.

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